COMING SOON - Magnolia Manor Dog Park

Future Site of Magnolia Manor Off Leash Area
Conceptual Plan for Magnolia Manor Park including Off Leash Area (on the left)
3500 28th Avenue West
Magnolia Area
Seattle, WA 98199
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Seattle Parks
Days Closed:
Park Size:
21,000 square feet
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Construction not begun as of summer 2012..  This dog park may have a separate small dog area and a chuck-it lane. Friends of Magnolia Manor Park (FMMP) and Citizens for Off Leash Areas (COLA) are working toward the creation of this dog park.  Let us know when it opens.

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Future Site of Magnolia Manor Off Leash Area

Magnolia Manor Off Leash Area (OLA) is scheduled for construction completion by June 1, 2012. Located in the Magnolia Area of Seattle,in the 3500 Block of 28th Avenue West, this will be the first OLA on Magnolia, and become Seattle's twelfth OLA. A Seattle Department of Neighborhoods grant for "Next Steps to Magnolia Manor Park" was awarded in July for the design and development of the Conceptual Plan (above) into a near-construction-ready set of plans for the Park as a whole, including the OLA and Magnolia's first-ever P-Patch. Currently, Magnolia Manor Park is only accessible from 28th Avenue West. Once the development is complete, there will be access points from both 26th Avenue West and 27th Avenue West, as well as a walking trail around the SPU reservoir, an orchard and several viewpoints for Mt. Rainier and the Cascades. The development will almost triple the size of the park that is open to the public. The OLA itself will be 21,000 square feet and will most likely feature a small/shy area, a play area and a "chuck-it" lane.