Grandview Park Off Leash Dog Area

Macee and Roxie getting tuckered out at the park!
Magoo searches for his ball
Macee stops to read the rules!
3600 S. 228th St
SeaTac, WA
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Seatac
Days Closed:
Park Size:
37 acres
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

Opened Fall 2003. Aggressive dogs and pitbulls must be muzzled to use this park. This dog park is supported by Dogs of Grandview Supporters (DOGS) and Serve Our Dog Area (SODA), King County, SeaTac, Auburn, Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, and Tukwila.

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vt3580's picture
Irresponsible owners

The park itself is large and has a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier on a sunny day. This park used to be great. Over the years though, it's been slowly going downhill in terms of the patrons. I no longer visit this park due to a few reasons:

(1) Owners not picking up after their pets. The park does provide plenty of bags. Sadly, some owners fail to pick up after their pets, and it's everywhere.

(2) Owners bringing people food into the park and not putting the left overs in the garbage. I have seen half eaten donuts left on the fence line, burger wrappers, sausage, chunks of burger meat on the ground. It seems to be more prevalent during the summer time.

(3) Increase in large group dog walkers with the wrong handler to dog ratio. I have observed walkers not being able to control all of their charges.

(4) Frequent vehicle break-ins. Every time I went there, there were shards of glass in the parking lot. Please be careful when walking your dogs through the parking lot.

(5) Owners who don't understand dog behavior. Increase in number of owners who believe their dog is "playing" when clearly the body language says otherwise.

(6) Owners who are not attentive to what their dog is doing because they are too busy talking with others or on their cell phones.

If you do decide to come here, please be aware of what is going on in your surroundings.

Ramses's picture

This is a great park but the thefts are such a HIGE problem. I normally run my dogs (3) Ridgebacks closer to home but we where out and everyone loves Grandview. I just don't understand how Car theft can be such an everyday occurrence here. In the past, it seemed like every other time we went, someone was robbed. So we quit going. I stupidly went on Saturday 1/10 at 3:00 and ran by dogs until 4:04. My purse was hidden in my locked car. When I returned to my car, everything looked fine, purse still hidden. I stopped on the way home and purchased some food. Imagine my horror when I looked in my wallet and all my cash (225.00) and credit cards were missing. By the time I got home and reported my cards missing to the bank, the thieves had already used my cards for 3 purchases. (2 purchases for 85 and 75 dollars at Safeway just down the street in Des Moines. They also gassed up their vehicle at the Safeway gas station. I have contacted Safeway and the police. Safeway has film of the thieves and if I can get a copy of it, I am going to plaster their faces everywhere. Because I moved so quickly, I was able to pin point exactly where and when they used my cards. With this being such a great dog park, we as owners should feel safe as well as our dog family members. Something MUST be DONE. I would tell everyone that if you go to this park please beware that you will be robbed and possible car damage as they are known to break car windows to get inside. Looks like they might have invested in a Slim Jim as well. If you do go, look around and if something doesn't look right then it probably isn't. Its really to bad that you must risk be robbed or incur property damage to run your dogs as this great park.

Rachell Brown's picture
Grand View Patk

We love Grand view park. We are owners of a pit bull and lab pit bull mix, our dogs love going there, they love that they can run long distance and chase balls. We are not the stupid owners that have unruly pit bulls, I have never had an encounter with any one and every one has always been very nice, my younger pit bull has been attacked by a few dogs there too by non pit bull breeds and she just runs away and ignores them, her attitude is like if you can't play nice then I will just go play somewhere else. But Grand view is a great place to let the dogs chase the ball, and then you can walk around the whole park after and get good exercise for you too!!!:)

mydogismyheart's picture
Great Park overall

Fabulous park overall, we've been going now for 5 years. I agree with the comments that there can be some stupid dog owners but it's hard to find a park without those. The thing I like so much is that it's 36 acres and there are multiple, separate fields to play in. So if you are having an issue with a dog or owner you can move somewhere else pretty easily. I wish it was fully fenced. My dog has severe separation anxiety issues so she never wanders off, but I have seen dogs just take off and disappear. Usually the owner gets them back but I've seen it take upwards of a week to do so! SODA has a theory that your dog should be under voice control and they shouldn't have to fence it in which is stupid. We have been petitioning and advocating for fences but they don't listen much. We even got Home Depot to donate supplies and tons of volunteers to install but the said NO! But if your dog is pretty well behaved then this is a WONDERFUL park. It's named Grandview for a reason too! It's BEAUTIFUL!

cscotthanson's picture
Nice Park, quite a hike down to it

Not for those who have trouble with many stairs. Parking is several flights of stairs above the huge and extensive off-leash area. I had a good experience talking with other dog owners here.

Visitor's picture
Aggressive breeds in the park

I have been to the park for the first time recently. I have an Amer. Bulldog, which many feel resembles a pit bull. She loves to run around and play here, and has no aggressive behavior. Although beware, I have seen a few great danes in the attack mode here. Never hurt my dog though. She loves to be chased! Well, anyway this park is a great puppy heaven. Really runs your dog out of energy.

Visitor's picture
This is a great park. Any

This is a great park. Any time of day you can find several friendly dogs. Has two large play areas and lots of parking. Its huge so be prepared.

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Agree with other reviewer however there has been an improvement

The park itself is great, however not fully fenced, which is a slight drawback if your dog wanders off... There are a lot of stupid owners there HOWEVER there is now a sign that says aggressive dogs or pit bulls MUST BE MUZZLED. This has dramatically cut down on the issues the other reviewer mentioned. I now feel this park is as safe as any. Don't be afraid to go!

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Great Area, some stupid dog owners though

The park itself is great, a huge area for your dog to run around in, and it even has a fresh-water fountain for your dogs to drink from. However, both times I took my Golden Retriever over there she was attacked within 30 minutes. I'm kind of forced to keep her away from the main-group of people. Both times she was attacked by a pit-bull, not the dog's fault of course, but a lot of stupid dog-owners don't care what their dog does to other dogs, so beware.