Bandix Dog Park

Navigating out of the trails....
Bandix Rd SE
exit Hwy 16 at Purdy
Burley, WA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Kitsap County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

Open July 2004.  There is fencing around most of the park  but it is not fully fenced. 

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches and trails (be sure to bring water for your dog and some to share).  This dog park is supported by Kitsap Dog Parks, Inc.

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Great Park & People, BUT

As others have reviewed, this park is very nice. The first time I went my three dogs has a great time meeting new dogs and owners. However, the second trip my dogs found a place where the park was NOT FENCED. It was three hours before a local farmer drove up to the park entrance with my dogs. The farm was three miles away! At that point, the docents admitted that the park was in fact no completely fenced. Haven't returned, but will call Kitsap P&R to see if that can be fixed.

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Abby just LOVES Bandix Dog Park!

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Abby's First Time

My wonderful dog Abby and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves our very first time at The Bandix Dog Park;). We were welcomed warmly by the other great dog owners,,and dogs!..This park is an amazing dog park in the peninsula area. In fact it is the best one in it's area., Abby and I enjoyed one of the many trails that are available to explore, and WILL be back to explore the rest of them. The trails are well maintained, and has plenty of water and poopie bags for all..(but please,, always remember to bring your own water and disposable bags in case you need to share with others,, you never know if the person that is in charge to refill may have an emergency and would not be able to show;)..I would reccomend Bandix Dog Park to all dog owners I come into contact with..Bandix Dog Park is a enchanted park for all well behaved breeds. Wonderful fenced-in, park especially for dog owners that have no room for their babies (dogs) to roam freely!
Abbys MaMa

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great park

This is the best dog park on the peninsula. It's very well maintained and is regularly updated. Lots and lots of trails, and the local regulars are very friendly!

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We love that the dog owners

We love that the dog owners are conscientious, the park is mostly fenced and the trails are fun and interesting for our big puppies to explore and large enough to provide a really great opportunity for exercise. We avoid the park when the ground is really wet since our dogs will be a muddy mess. There has always been plenty of water available and there are places to sit down if you're tired. It's a great time!