TC Jester Dog Park

4131 T C Jester Blvd
behind the baseball field
Houston, TX
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Houston
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Open July 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, benches, wash station, and trees.

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City of Houston Off-Leash Dog Park Rules

"City of Houston Off-Leash Dog Park Rules

No children age 12 or younger are allowed in the Dog Park. Children ages 13 through 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Permitted children must be supervised by the adult & behave appropriately: No running, shouting, chasing dogs, or petting other people’s dogs without the owner’s permission."

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Ok it's go at your own risk!
If there parents want to take there kids ok.
Ppl shouldn't have to worry about biting because if there dogs aggressive get away from the park period.
Let the parents learn a lesson.
Ppl are rude when I went and acted snotty.

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:) 2 thumbs up

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RE: T.C. Jester Dog Park

Hello fellow dog owners- I recently started taking my dogs to this park to let them enjoy the freedom of running/with and smell of other dogs. Guess thats thier morning coffee if you will. I came to see the reviews of this website and find nothing but arguements. I have experinece nothing but disgruntled people talking bad about others once I walk in the park(EVERYTIME). Today I seen a group of people- well thier representative yell at what seemed to be a nice group of people with FIDO FIT. By the way what a great idea. From what I gathered of one member- they meet at the park,you and dog get to walk or run on the route they set up and then meet back at the park and just have plain fun. Thats why I USE to like going to parks with dogs. Its a special time to get away with your dogs and others who want to do the same. Unfortunatly there was a women who thought she owned the park and was removing these fido friendly people out of there. I think we all need to help maintain the rules here but with a sensitive passion about us. Please take time out and leave your personal issues against children,work and any prejudece of breeds at home. I'm rating this park very low due to MY experience everytime I go I see a group that is over the top with control issues. I'm sure together we can make it a 5 start experience. Or maybe I'm at the dog park at the wrong time (lol).

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Review the Park

Hi all,
I came on looking for a review of the park and instead found a debate about children in the dog park. Not the place to debate it. Firstly, don't leash your dog in a dog park because of another parent's decision to bring their child there. Note it is also legal to walk across the street in Houston but if ones child gets hit by a truck because the parent led them into a stream of traffic it, it's the parents fault. Similarly, sure, a parent can allow their children in the dog park. They are then liable by bringing their dog into a dog park that is labeled for big dogs. It is now their liability issue, not yours. Regardless, I don't care. My point is I wanted a review of this park, you didn't review it. Take your debate elsewhere, HOW IS THE PARK

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So selective rule breaking is ok- but only by you and other pare

Frankly, I want all the rules enforced, but your attitude is that your rule breaking is OK because someone else is "probably" also breaking the rules. You are an obvious rule breaker. People don't like it.

Great message you're sending to your kids, BTW- "Its ok for US to break rules- just not those OTHER people.. and if someone else MIGHT be breaking the rules, its OK for us to break them, too."

Yeah, parenting fail all around.

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I love kids, but...

When I come to the dog park, I resent having to leash my dog in the off leash dog Park because a foolish parent wants to bring a little one to the big dog park. My dogs weigh 60+ lbs each, and while they love kids, they are intimidating and over enthusiastic and I really do NOT feel like getting screamed at because a child that, per the rules, does not BELONG in the large dog area, has been knocked down when greeted by my dogs.

Parents, if you're willing to sign a waiver of liability for me that states that you are aware that bringing your small child is a violation of park rules and you release me and my pets from any responsibility for injuries incurred to your kids accidentally, then sure- bring 'em on- but if you yell at my dogs for acting like large dogs.

You whine about drama, but its caused by people (like yourself) who knowingly break the rules and then expect others to accommodate their offspring's special needs. Part of being a parent is to be responsible. If this means no kids at the big dog park- well, be a responsible parent.

Besides.. what sort of message are you sending to your kids? That rules only apply to other people? Not cool.

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Little Kids at the Dog Park

I can understand why large dog owners do not want people to bring small children into the large dog area. The dog park is one of the few places in town where the dogs can be off-leash and interact with other dogs in a completely "dog" setting. I come to the park quite often and most of the time one can see a pack of large dogs running around doing "dog behavior". The one thing the dogs are not doing is paying attention to where they are and where they are going. Several times a pack of large dogs have come racing by, almost knocking me to the ground. If a small child is caught up in this excitement, I am sure they will be tramatized, or worse, seriously injured. The small children have the whole park to play in, let the dogs have their little area of freedom.

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Re: Kids at the park

You are putting your kids in danger. I also don't want my dog biting your kid and then you deciding to sue. Please be responsible.

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Kids at the dog park

I had a similar experience recently. I am a regular at the TC Jester dog park and have never had a problem bringing my kids (6 & 7) until the other day. I typically let them play outside the gate, but this day, they were going in to see one of their friends who was already there. Before they got through the first gate, a woman said not to bring the little ones in. I was shocked because honestly, I didn't realize it was even a rule. Her approach did not sit well with me and so I told her that I couldn't believe she was going to act that way when she and only one other person were there. She then threatened to call the police or CPS on me. Let's hope CPS did not drop any cases of child abuse to investigate. Fortunately, the county dog parks allow children. Many of us who are dog lovers are parents. It really bother me that my children are not allowed in the dog park. I'm sure a lot of people don't have their vet tags on the dog which is also a rule. If someone decides to "police" the dog park on their own, they shouldn't pick and choose the rules to enforce.

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Children under 12

A couple brought their two toddlers to the large dog park today. Our dogs got in a fight (no skin broken, no bleeding) and the two year old started crying (he wasn†t near the dogs). The father called me names and cursed at me and threatened to beat me when I suggested they obey the park rules and not bring young kids in where it can get dangerous for them. What kind of man threatens to beat up a woman? Please don†t bring your kids to the dog park. The rules apply and are there for your protection.

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TC Jester Dog Park

There are some regulars that are definitely not welcoming to people who bring their kids to the larger dog side. Had my 2 kids ages 6 and 4, and as soon as I walked up there I heard one of the guys cursing and saying, "What are kids doing here?" Then as I opened the gate a group of about 5 of them met me at the gate telling me that there was an age limit for kids (12 and up). Told them I have been here before on the weekends and never heard such a thing. They told me it was in the best interest of my kids and that my dogs were to small (32 lbs). Then as I was speaking politely to the people my son was opening the second gate for someone to come in and this guy who just walked in yelled at him to close the gate, in a really horrible manner. I won't stand for that, so I told him chill out and don't ever yell at my kids. Ended up taken my dogs which weigh 32 pounds over to the smaller dog park (which had a sign 25 pounds and under) to avoid further drama and had a good time. But I probably will go back to the large dog side without my kids there, just in case any of those guys want to mouth off again, some people just need to be put in their place.