Millie Bush Bark Dog Park

16756 Westheimer Pkwy
Houston, TX
Operating Hours:
7am - Dusk
Managed By:
Harris County
Days Closed:
Yes, in the park
Park Size:
13 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has a separate small dog area, swimming ponds, water spigots, showers, shade, benches, and fire hydrants.

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Jenny C's picture
great doggie park

One of the best dog parks I've been to. The dogs had a great time.

bellelawhitefoot's picture
Millie Bush Bark Park

Really large area, with two swimming areas for large dogs.
It also has small dog area.

jhankins69's picture
My dog is worn out!!!!!

Great park, great dogs and great owners. I couldn't have had a better first visit. The park is huge and my dog ran played for hours. All dogs were on their best behavior. The people were very friendly and easy to talk too. I am going back tomorrow.

jhankins69's picture

My 85 lb puppy knocked down a 18 month old toddler when we leaving by liking him on the face. It was a good thing the parent took it in stride. There were lots of strollers with children eating treats. My dog found them to be the most interesting thing in the park. I had to pull him away several times.

Troyesby's picture

Very large dog park. Also you can bath dog near parking lot with furnished dog showers. Traveling through loved it. Brought Penny to play every day.

SkippyandLuna's picture
Millie Bush Bark Park, Houston, TX

I've got two dogs, Skippy a Jack Russell mix who thinks he's a Rottie and Luna who is a young pit female. Despite Skippy's size, we went into the large dog area and walked near a group of people who greeted me warmly. After a minute I let Skip run on his own and he made a bunch of new friends. There were two large 'ponds' and two covered areas in the large dog area as well as human and dog water fountains and 'pick-up' bags. Both my dogs loved the park as did I. Even though it's a little drive for me, I will go back and hope to get there soon. The dogs are wiped out from the visit and that makes me happy! The name is lame but the park is not!

jme01's picture
Comissioner Raddick did a great job with this park

Millie Bush is the first park in Precint 3 and a model for other parks. There is a rest room across the street in the blue building. It is open all park hours. A new bathroom cannot be added because the park is part of the Corps of Engineers flood plan and the park is often totally under water.

A year ago I complained to Steve Raddick about the lack of shade in the small dog area and he put in a new cover with six benches. He listens to the people that voted him into office.

The agressive dogs and excessive poop are problems with the users and not the park. Stupid people bring food for themselves and their dogs into the park then become upset when the dogs beg. Some do not pick up after their animals and others do not control their kids.

Overall, however, the people that frequent this park are very friendly and care about their animals. This park is a show piece and we should be proud of the great facilities provided for us.

Visitor's picture
Ok but not the best

The area for small dogs is too small compared to other parks.

Visitor's picture
Very nice park overall.

MB Park is quite nice overall; there's lots of room for dogs to run (almost too much sometimes if you have to keep up with your dog running from one end to the other). Ponds are large and clean, and the wash down area is very nice. My chief complaint (and primary reason I stopped going quite as much) would be the presence of so many small children, especially on weekends. It's really no reflection on the park itself, but rather the owners/parents who bring very small (3-5 y.o.) children to a busy dog park. It's just something to be aware of, especially if you have a large dog.

Visitor's picture
Millie Bush Dog Park

We will be back. This park has a nice long jogging track, 3 big pools and TONS of room. Doesn't smell like poop everywhere and we didn't step in it once.
Plenty of little baggies available as well...enjoy!

ms77777's picture
Millie Park

Very nice park. Little poop pick up needed. Owners should pick up because there is plenty of baggie supplies. Shame on them.
Nice hose off area for dogs before heading home. Two nice ponds. Dogs have a ball. restroom for me.

Visitor's picture
BEST Dog Park in Houston

The BEST Dog Park in Houston is Millie Bush Bark Park in West Harris Co...LOVE it..15 acres, fenced, two swim ponds, area for small dogs...

Visitor's picture
aggressive dogs

I agree, few trees, little seating, too many agressive dogs and owners that dont control them

Visitor's picture
Not good enough

Good points: lots of room for the dogs to run around. Two large ponds; both clean. Bad points: not enough seating. few trees, this means little to no shade. The dog owners: do not control dogs, do not pick up after their dogs. A lot of aggressive dogs (big and small). Grounds keeping is bad: ground is either dirt, sand, mud, burned up grass, or high weeds.

Visitor's picture
Beautiful park and tons of

Beautiful park and tons of dogs. Especially love the swimming ponds. Worth the 45 min drive for us to get there and we a going back at least once a month!!