Gene Green Beltway 8 Dog Park

Gene Green
Gene Green Dog Park
6500 E. Sam Houston Pkwy N.
Houston, TX
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Houston
Days Closed:
Park Size:
4.2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Open Feb 27, 2010. This dog park has a separate small dog area, a pond, drinking fountain, benches, and wooded area. This dog park is supported by Houston Dog Parks Association.

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janeperry's picture
Gene Green Dog Park

We enjoy taking our dog to the large dog park however recently there have been problems with the entry and exit gates not closing fast enough and our dog has run out twice when other people came in and didn't force the gate closed. This is very dangerous due to the close proximity to Beltway 8. Also, it would be much nicer if the pool in the large dog park was aerated. The water is stagnant and possibly toxic for the dogs to drink. It would be nice if canopies were placed over all the benches to provide shade.

colliemom389's picture
Love it on certain days! :-)

This park is my park of choice. I love it because it has walking trails and a pond for the dogs to jump in and cool off. However, it's a you never know what you will run into type of park. Alot of dogs and their owners come and sometimes it is a great time. Sometimes you get friendly dogs and friendly owners and other times not. Number one pet peeves are people who bring small dogs into the big dog side and want to get angry when one of my bigger ones knocks it down.. If you don't want them being hurt, please take them to the small dog side. People who bring their dogs in on a leash them shoo others dogs away when they try to approach to say hello.. If you are going to bring a dog to the park and not allow it to play, don't bring it. Dogs will be dogs and some people need to realize that. When there is a good crowd of dogs and owners it can be a really good time! :-)

kulamariesaw's picture
Rude people and dog biting

I recently took my puppy to the park and was appalled by the rudeness of the people there and the lack of supervision of their dogs. My puppy was bitten by another dog (luckily no skin was broken) and when conforting the owner (a big lady) all she wanted to do was agrue with me in which she clearly did not see what happened as I did since I had my puppy on a leash and was at my side at all times. The pool was digusting on both sides and I refuse to take my puppy back to this park.

Jenny C's picture
did not like it

The pool is absolutely gross. I was afraid to let my dog swim because it was so bad. Possible snakes and other dangerous creatures.

nessacowgirl's picture
Be careful

We went with our friend and his bulldog, our bulldog is 8 months old and they were having a good time. Some kid brought his pit on a leash and it looked suspicious b/c he kept jerking it around and making it wine. Well my dog went up to it and it nearly bit her ear off, we had to take her to the emergency vet. The cops said that since it is in a central location people come from all over to use the park, and there will be people who will agitate their dogs on purpose. As we were leaving another kid brought his pit in on a leash. Pits are not bad dogs if you train them with love. But if you cant trust your dog to come into the enclosure with out a leash maybe you shouldnt come in. I'm not sure what his intention was but we will be on the look out if we go again. The people were very helpful and VERY NICE. The other dogs were awesome as well. Overall great park. Just be careful.

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Don't neglect the big dog

Don't neglect the big dog side either....big dogs can die from snake bites too!

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I LOVE this park

We love going to Gene Green. It's about a 20 minute drive for us from Eagle Springs (Atascocita) but our dog loves it. We have a Newfoundland, so a dog park with a pool/pond is an absolute MUST for us. She doesn't care how cold it is, she loves to swim.
The area is huge, there are trails, and also, a seperate area for smaller dogs. There are also 2 stalls/hoses for you to wash your dogs, and we take advantage of this as well.
We have never had any problems at this park, although there was a time when a lady brought 4 lap-sized dogs to the over 20 lb dog side, and they stirred up trouble. There is a reason that there are 2 different sides.

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The times that this park is open, at least in the summer gives dog owners no time when it is cool. Closing at 8:00 to 8:15 means there is almost an hour of much cooler weather in the middle the summer out of our plans. PLEASE, keep the park open later, at least in the summer, and open earlier, 6:30 a.m. would be nice.

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Wooded Area

The wooded area is great, but it is home to some snakes. It would be nice if the park services would keep the ground level a little more clear at least in the small dog park. A bite from a snake to a little dog could cause some problems.