Bill Archer Dog Park

3201 State Highway 6 North
Houston, TX
Operating Hours:
7am - Dusk
Managed By:
Harris County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
17 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, ponds, rinse area, drinking water, shade, benches, and agility equipment.

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MrByron's picture
Large dog park

I love this park,people are not so uptight.I've been to other parks where owners get upset when your dogs get to close to their dogs. In this park people understand thats all dogs play with each other

MrByron's picture

The park does have restrooms,they are outside in Gray building.

tuckersmom's picture
rude people and not clean

Today was my first time visiting this dog park and i will NEVER go back. Since it was my first time here i didn't notice there were 2 separate parks for over and uner 25 lbs. I by mistake went into the under 25 lb park made it from one side of the tack to the other when i was rudely approach by a small dog owner and was told to get my dog out of there that he didn't belong. I mentioned to this guy i didn't know and was trying to leave when i was told again rudely to leave, that there were signs every where stating the size limits. It was a simple mistake and tired to explain but was just basically yelled at and then told id get a ticket for being in that park with my dog. I then go to the over 25 lbs park there was dog poop every where and more rude people. One lady even yelled at my dog for sniffing her and she put her foot in my dogs face!!! If you're at a DOG PARK what do you expect dogs to do???? If you don't like dogs sniffing you then why go??? I also noticed there were under 25 lb dogs in the over and no one seemed to care! I have a catahoula puppy who wasnt hurting anyone at either parks and stayed by my side ! So why be rude???? I will continue to drive to city of katy dog park where people are super sweet and love dogs!!! They aren't jerks like people are bill archer!! Highly annoyed!

callie23's picture
Bill Archer Dog Park

The dog park it self is great, tons of room for running and the doggy bone-shaped swimming hole is great. However, for a first and last time visit I found WAY too many complacent dog owners. Yes it's a dog park but you still have to keep an eye on your pet. If your dog has aggressive tendencies and cannot follow basic commands in such a setting you should have the respect and decency to keep such a dog away.
As well, a dog out of nowhere jumped up on my 8 year old and knocked her over. We didn't get so much as "sorry" from the owner. I don't blame the dogs but more the owners. Horrible pet owners ruined this park for us. We will never return!

Bethan's picture
Park experience

Very clean, spacious, friendly dogs and pet owners, will be going again soon.

Jenny C's picture
This park is awesome!

Everything the positive reviews promise, and more. Water fountains for dogs, they even provide poo baggies. My dog took to the obstacle course like a pro on her first visit. Love it, we will be back.

mommy's chance's picture
Other parks should take notes from this one!!

This was an awesome park for our foster dogs! We now have a forever dog and cannot wait to take him here. We live about 2 hours away now but it's worth it. I hope other parks in and around Houston take note because this park is, hands down, one of THE best! The one we are closest to is a fenced field with no trees, water spots, swimming spots...nothing. Hopefully that will change.

shadowsmom's picture
bill archer dog park

AWESOME park. shadow loves it and 99% of the dogs and people there. He likes it the most when there are muddle puddles to play in so if anyone has a contact to make that happen please let us know. I have met so many people. people I knew in the past and great new people and all the dogs are great. hey there are 3 dog festivals in october. pet palooza at discovery green 10-9. pet fest old town spring 10-22,23 and howl o ween fest bridgeland cypress tx 10-29.. We will be there. anyone want a play date give a a yell.shadow is one of the gentle giants... have a great day. I'll be there tommorrow am.

Josh Taylor's picture
Excellent Dog Park

Not only was this place a huge improvement over the other parks we had been to, it was also clean and HUGE!!!
-Small dogs were kept seperate from the BIG dogs
-Clean pools in both parks
-Agility equipment in both parks
-2 Wash areas
-Plenty of shade trees
-Covered areas for the pet owners
-Secure enough so that the dogs do not get out
-Public restrooms (Clean I am told)

All in all this was a great experience and we will definitely be back again!

ravina's picture
So much fun

I brought my dogs here for the first time today! It was alot of fun. There are 2 seperate parks. One for Small and Large dogs. I did bring my small dog in the bigger dog park and that was a BIG mistake. She did ok but all the bigger dogs wanted to play with her and she was a bit overwhelmed. I will have to take one at a time until she gets used to the activity of other dogs around. The park was very clean and no poop on the ground. I saw alot of people picking up after their dogs. Some reviews said it smelt really bad. It didn't! There are public restrooms that were really clean (i was told) My dogs loved it and played really hard! I will be going back again this weekend. So glad this park is close to home caus eit's going to be our new spot:)

Mark Curry's picture
Excellent Park

I don't have a lot of experience with dog parks, but this one seems to be of a very nice size with a separate area foe small dogs. My dogs LOVE going there. I get a guilt trip when we son't go.

Jenny C's picture
BEST dog park my family has brought our dogs to.

-The clear ice blue water
-Great pet owners
-Small pool for pups or little dogs
-Large pool for the larger dogs
-Shaded area for owners

Overall, A GREAT place to bring the family and the dogs to have a grand time.

mzl11121's picture
There are restrooms.

There are restrooms. Question is security.

mzl11121's picture

Dog owners are very respectful of other visitor's dogs. Friendliness at the park is what keeps me going there.

cnguyener's picture

it would be great, but today was my first visit and after my dog jumping in for a swim, i notice large pieces of waste floating in the small dog pool. VERY concerned for doggie health. besides that, it was very clean and nice.

geelow26's picture
Nice Dog Park Except...

We decided to drive 4 hours this past Saturday (6/19/2010) for this dog park after reading all the review here. This dog park is wonderful except all the poops!! Yes, I saw poops EVERYWHERE, and it was so nasty!!! I didn't see anybody picking up their dog's mess during our visit (about 2 hours).
People just seems like they don't care about those nasty things on the ground, or they just don't see them?? I just don't understand....
Other than that, this park is almost perfect. The size, parking, pool, enough shades (trees) for people and dogs.

Visitor's picture
Visited all the way from San Antonio

I drove all the way from San Antonio, TX to take my little girl to this park and it was beautiful! She had a blast playing with all the other dogs and exploring the water! She has never gotten in the water before. There was so much running space for her and it was just so clean. I wish San Antonio would open it's eyes and make our dog park like this one. We are going back next weekend just for this park!

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Really nice

I took my pooch there today for the first time and oh what fun!!! If there were restrooms it would be perfect. Port a potty would work for humans too. I would gladly contribute to restrooms for humans at this location.

Visitor's picture
Public Bathrooms

Are under construction and almost open

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Best Dog Park

We have visited a lot of dog parks throughout the year when we bought our lab and golden retriever. This park is close to where we live (hwy 6/290)and it has all the amenities we need: a) open from dawn til dusk b) agility equipment, ponds to swim in, benches throughout, covered seating, etc. c) a place to bath your dogs before you go home and d) very clean and friendly environment. I highly suggest this dog park as a weekend getaway for both you and your dog.

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My two miniature schnauzers love to visit the dog park and get the exercise they need. I agree with many of the other comments regarding the lack of restroom facilities for humans. There is certainly adequate room for such a facility. I too wish there was something closer to Cypress area . . it's such a hassle for me to get to this one because of traffic on Hwy. 6. But, it doesn't stop me from getting there . . just not as often as I'd like.

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The only thing that could make this park better would be to have restrooms. Even portable ones would be helpful! We always have to leave because someone in our family has to go. I think the people who go there would even be willing to pay for having restrooms available. How can we get this going? Start a petition or something? Who would we need to contact?

ANSWER: Harris County owns and operates this dog park.

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Best Dog Park

I love Archer Bark Park. It has a lot of tree's and benches, as well as a nice walking trail. Also love the Agility equipment! It has almost everything you would want in a park. With the exception of restrooms for us pack leaders! Overall, it's a great park!

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Love the park!

I love this dog park!! I have 4 dogs and its nice to take them here and let them get all their energy out! My puppy learned how to swim in the awesome pond they have.
Just wish they had one closer to cypress

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great park!

Love the park,...just wish there was a people potty!

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This park is AMAZING. ALWAYS clean and ppl are so friendly! Walking trail is great and they are always putting in fresh dirt near the ponds. Agility equipment is great, great selection and awesome course, very realistic and great for training. Ponds are HUGE and always really clean! Shaded benches is above and beyond what you would expect. I am so happy they built this park, it is just great!

Christie Pearson's picture
A WONDERFUL place to take your dogs!!!

This park is extremely easy to get to! We have an English Mastiff, and it is so great to have a place so close to home that we can take our dog to that help aid in his socialization! Thank you very much for this park!!! It's truly a wonderful place to take ALL the family!

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We LOVE it!

We just moved her from Maryland and this park is amazing!  Our little dogs enjoy socializing with dogs their size.  The swimming pool and agility equipment is so fun.  The park is clean and there are clean up baggies all around.  Another nice feature is the doggie showers to clean off before going home.  Our dogs love going and meeting new furry friends.

Luke's picture
Nice Place

This is a large park with agility equipment and pool.  LOTS of trees for shade.  Wish they had restrooms for people and water faucet for pets on the backside (near fencing)  Nice place to go.