Mingo Creek Park Off Leash Dog Area

Mingo Creek Rd and Chapel Hill Rd
New Eagle, PA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Washington County 724-228-6867
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

This is an unfenced area with a sign. This is also a hunting park nearby, so it is advised that dogs and owners wear bright colors for safety.

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Mingo off leash improvement

Thanks to Mr. Garrison and the Mingo park staff for the gravel in the cut thru between fields in the off leash area. Hopefully this will keep other people from breaking a leg in the mud.

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Mingo off leash area

Yes, conditions have gone downhill in a major way in our beloved off leash area. I detached a retina in August, had surgery, and could not go back until October. I was horrified to see the trail cutting across the bottom of the entire field in our area. I sent an email to the he'd of the parks, expressing my concern over clashes with hikers and bikers because our dogs are off leash. So many people are hostile toward us, even though are dogs are under control. People without dogs are now hanging out in our area, and tell us we had better have our dogs under control. Mr. Garrison from the parks office told me they are putting a fence up to contain us on the hill. We can no longer even let our dogs loose to go for water in the stream that runs along the now blacktop trail into our area. We were told we cannot let them off leash until we get up on the hill. There are two open fields in our area, with a tree line splitting them. There is one cut out in the trees to pass from one field to the other. It gets used by everyone, the grass is worn off and dangerously muddy. We try to hang on to brush until we get to the grass again. On January 30 I fell in the mud there and broke my leg in two places. Had surgery and will be down until around April. I contacted the park office again, expressing my thoughts on conditions there. So many people have fallen there. He claimed ignorance of the conditions, but promised gravel there and more cut throughs to improve safety. Nothing yet, three weeks later, according to friends. Also, horse people did a lot of work putting in trails there, under supervision of park officials, spend a lot of time keeping trails clear, and deserve to ride them .. Without the horse people, some trails, especially the orange perimeter and blue trails, would not exist. I get the feeling we will be forced out of the off leash area eventually.

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Hunting in Mingo Park

Hi .. You received partiaLly true info .. The entire park is open for black powder and archery hunting from around Dec 20 to Jan 16 or so every year. Yes, they come into the off leash area. Other dog people tell of having hunters in their faces for being there ..

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Becoming less

We have been taking our dogs to this park for many years and used to look forward to every day. Just this past fall they began work on new trails in the park. Sounded like a good idea until the actual trails were in; now we have a trail through the dog park which encourages non-dog people into our site. They expect us to leash our dogs when it is quite obvoiusly an off-leash site.

We are no longer able to take our dogs into the creek because the park officials have started to accost the dog owners. This is a 2600 acre park. Horses are allowed to destroy the trails and make them impossible to walk on, people riding bikes are allowed to bother us by flying through the off leash site, but dogs and their owners are given an area that is no longer large enough, nor safe enough, to use. It's a shame that dog owners in this state are expected to pay taxes and get very little for it.

The last several weeks there have been hunters all over the park. Yes, the hunters are actually in the park so wear orange to avoid death.

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Fantastic park for people and dogs

This is a large beautiful park with expansive off-leash area that includes trails and open areas. No hunting signs are clearly posted, so i don't understand the issue in the description. I asked a local about hunting and was told that it was allowed in an adjacent forest but not in the county park.
I highly recommend visiting this wonderful park!