Carleton Court Dog Park

Carleton and Holyoke St
(Southwest Corridor Park)
Boston, MA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) ???
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Other Notes:

This dog park is supported by Friends of Carleton Court Dog Park. Between Harcourt - West Canton Garden and Follen Garden.

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adrianm's picture
Nice high fences

We took our dog here because it was the only dog park close to where we live that is fully enclosed and has high fences. Most of the dog parks in Back Bay are not enclosed, or, if they are enclosed, have low fences that medium to large dogs can easily jump over. This is a good park if you are worried about your dog being off leash in the city. In addition to the high fences, the entrance to the dog park features a double gate. However, the dog park is relatively small. I'm guessing it was an old basketball or tennis court. Medium to large dogs will be able to trot around, but they won't be able to get a full exercise. In addition, they'll be running on concrete; there is a small section on one side with dirt and fake fire hydrants. There have been a few dogs there each time we visited. Some were more friendly than others, but all the owners were attentive to their dogs.

Jenny C's picture
great spot!

Really awesome dog park. Great location and always friendly people. Woof woof!

Jenny C's picture
amazing spot in the city

I go here with my dog at least once a day, great people and great dogs. Has been a bit slow since they put up new rules for dog walkers witch is unfortunate, but other than that it's amazing.

Pupgirl's picture
Park is ok

The park is fine. It's pretty clean. No grass, just an area for dogs to relieve themselves. My only complaint is that I wish they would have two areas in order to separate the big dogs from the small dogs. But it seems there aren't any like that in this area anyways. So, my very small dog was frightened by the bigger dogs. But he's new to dog parks so hopefully that's just a matter of socializing. Other than that I would recommend it. Nothing spectacular but it's convenient.
P.S. I don't know why this last person had a bad experience. When I went, the other owners were very friendly, not snobby at all. I think if you go with an open mind and aren't quick to judge others, most people will respond to that with kindness, even those "sharks" with money.

HappyHippo's picture
Racist, classist, elitist dog park

This dog park is located in the section of Back Bay, Boston-- easily one of the richest areas in Boston. Many of the people who walk their dog here are uptight and will have an opinion of how you should raise your dog. They judge you on how you feed it, how you talk to it, how you pick up the poop and so forth. If you are a uptight, elitist, middle-upper class person; they will open with arms wide open-- however, if are not in this mix-- then are you swimming with the sharks.