Montrose Dog Beach

4400 North
Chicago, IL
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
$5 annually registration Jan-Dec
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Access to the Lake for dog swimming.  You must visit a participating vet to get registered to use the Chicago Parks and have a full health check. MONDOG supports this dog park. (aka Susan Kimmelman Off-Leash Dog Beach)

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Bea Jeruzal's picture
Sometimes Bigger is Better

The biggest dog park in the city, also love that the shoreline is shallow letting the pups run through the water with little resistance. Very popular location, there's always plenty of pups to play with.

Jamesdooo's picture
lots of fun

Great fun for all, just watch out for the creeps that don't watch there overly aggressive pooches.

chidoglover's picture
Excellent dog park

My dog, Kendra, and I love this park. There is plenty of space for her to really open up her stride. The beach has a perfect slope for dogs to ease their way in, then has a nice sandbar if they get too far out.

My only complaint is the owners who set up camp and have picnics. Come on people, really? Dogs will try to steal your food, and your dog will get territorial if other dogs get too close to you. Please have your picnic on the other side of the fence.

saludares's picture
Montrose Dog Beach Chicago Review

Hi Everyone! We have been going to this dog beach since 2004, that is when this beach was just newly founded dedicated for dogs. This beach is actually located between Lawrence and Montrose avenues where both roads ended at Lakeshore Drive of Chicago. Since then, the City of Chicago continued to make improvements every year for this beach. At first, it was not fence, but now it is closed fence so that dogs would not run out to the grassy park and picnic areas like they used to. The beach has many containers and plastic bags for the dogs. The restroom for this beach is a good walking distance to the picnic area of the park. This beach is basically free for everyone who are visiting, unless you are a resident of Chicago then you have to pay that $5 registration every year. At summer, this beach can get packed of people and their pets because this beach is also right next to "people's beach" just on the south side. So, it is a lot of fun hanging around this area because of so many breeds of dogs that can be seen. All other beach goers that don't have pets have been enjoying this beach just to watch different kinds of dogs every year. The water is also very clean and warmed for a swim. This dog beach is open throughout the year, so if you like to visit it also during the winter season, dogs also enjoy the frozen water by running and sledding on them. If you guys ever come visit Chicago, don't forget to stop by this area, it is just a little up north of the lakeshore drive.