East Branch Forest Preserve Off Leash Dog Area

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Lilly and a Turtle at East Branch Dog Park
Swift Rd
Glendale Heights, IL
Operating Hours:
One hour after sunrise to one hour after sunset
$40 annually for residents of the county; $150 for non-residents. Day permits also available.
Yes, near the parking area
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

This off leash area has lakes for the dogs to swim. Permits to use this dog off leash area can be obtained on site during working hours; call (630) 933-7248.

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90 acres

There is NO fishing at this Park. It is 90 acres and has several ponds. It's a great place for dogs but don't expect to fish here. Hooks are dangerous for dogs.

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Great dog park for retrievers

This park is all about swimming. The park consists of a vast open area with tall grass containing a series of small lakes and ponds. Each lake has a few beach areas that serve as good points for the dogs to enter/exit the water. This park isn't fenced in, but it is so vast, that fact doesn't pose a problem. The majority of the dogs are large, and it seems like every other dog is a lab or golden retriever.
There are garbage barrels with bags for clean up, but this place is so large, they are few and far between; best to bring your own so you're not walking all over looking for a pick up bag.
Don't wear nice shoes or pants; the ground gets muddy, the dogs get wet and muddy, and invariably brush up against the person wearing the nicest clothes.

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More info about this off leash dog area;
Fishing, you can as long as you have the fishing permit.