Trantina Dog Farm (Dog Park)

151st Street
between Cedar and Gougar Roads
Homer Glen, IL
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Yes, in the northern part of the park
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Sept 13, 2008. This dog park has a separate small dog area and benches (be sure to bring water for your dog).

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Jenny C's picture

I like to go there not many people, no fees, and nobody watches you. My dog sometimes shows aggression but if they do I just take her to the other dogs where it is for small dogs but I wish there were more shade and some fountain water at least for the dog. They've made a children's park too around the bathroom it's nice there is also a trail around it looks nice I recommend this place!!!

DogLovingMomma's picture
No shade, generally responsible dog owners.

The shade structure is outside of the enclosed park area, which doesn't work in this situation, since a responsible owner will stay with his/her dog.

In the fenced in area there is barely any shade. The fenced in area is clear, just grass and a few (small) trees. There is no water, so you'll need to bring jugs and bowls. Many owners bring gallons of water and happily share with all dogs.

The bathroom facilities are across the street, so you'll need to take your dog with you to use them.

For the most part the "regulars" are nice people and nice dogs. There are a few that don't always pick up after their dogs, but there are also those who will clean up after everyone else's dog so that the park is usually fairly clean.

There have been issues with a few overly aggressive (usually intact) dogs. There is nothing really that the Village will do about it. There is no supervision, the park is used at your own risk.

One side of the park is meant for smaller dogs, but in general the gate between the two areas is open so dogs roam either side. At times park visitors will close the gate for their and their dog's safety.

It's a nice park, no fee and a great option for letting your dog off leash safely.