Schweitzer Woods Dog Park

Star was a little scared of all the dogs since she has never been to a dog park before; so we went on a hike and she loved it!!!
16N690 Sleepy Hollow Road
Illinois Route 72 and Sleepy Hollow Road
Dundee, IL
Operating Hours:
8am - Sunset
Days Closed:
None but dogs must have rabies, distemper and parvovirus vaccines and be wearing a rabies tag
Park Size:
about 5 acres fenced and 30 acres unfenced
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

The off leash dog area has woods and trails.  The smaller area is mowed and has trees.  Park has new pavilion and running water.

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Captain Jack Sparrow's picture
Great Idea Poor Execution

I only use this place when I have no other choice for off leash exercise.

Owners can range from great to completely irresponsible. Poop bags are owner supplied and the trash can is on the outside, which is no big deal since you can hang the bag on the fence until you leave.

As far as dogs go, it's the wild west. I've been there when everything is fine and I've been there when dogs have been ripped up in a fight. I'm also the primary witness on a police report for a dog biting another human. The owner of the offending dog didn't want to take responsibility for his dogs actions and tried to make like it was the humans fault for getting bit.

Make sure your dog has some sort of tick preventative or check them thoroughly because the park has a wooded area and is surrounded by grassland. I've found ticks on my dog at this place several times.

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Not kept up well.No trash cans to place dog waste inside of fenced area. No one picks up after their dog. May be better in the summer

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Schweitzer Woods Dog Park

This site now has a paved parking lot, pavilion, and running water for people and dogs.

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Pros: no membership required, off leash areas, fence.

Cons: not very well kept, center area is mostly just dirt.

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Womderful place!

My boxer and I LOVE this park!!!! it is a very nice place, But.... I'd like to mention every single time I have been there, I have witnessed dog fights and the irresponsible parents/owners don't do anything about it. it's not the dogs fault. the owners are fully responsible for this and behavior. I love the place but please b careful.