Messenger Marsh Dog Park

South Bell Road
Homer Glen, IL
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Will County
Days Closed:
$40 (residents) and $80 (non-residents) annually or $5 day pass
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has four areas: one is devoted to small dogs and one is a path for walking (be sure to bring water for your dog).  The park has benches and shade.

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Kato's picture
Felt cramped

This dog park does have 4 different fenced in areas, but it kind of felt wasted. When I was there, only 2 were open, the others were closed. It's like they just put in too many fences. It would have been better, in my opinion, if they left it just open instead of having to navigate through the different fenced areas.

The trail for hiking is a joke. I wouldn't call it a "hiking trail"...more like just a limestone path that runs alongside the fence. There are walking paths outside the dog park that would be better suited for walking.

There's no water fountain in the park, so bring your own water. They do have poop bags, and they have a human bathroom located outside the dog park near the parking lot. It's basically a large porti potty, but it's nice for a dog park. They also have a nice sheltered area with benches to sit on within the park.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and my timing, not many people showed up to the dog park, but I have been told that it can get busy there, so there will be many to chat with and many dogs to play with.

I think it's a decent park, but the fencing thing bugged me.

smartinez62708's picture

Hi Doggieparkmom,

I would not be worried about this behavior, it is a form of communication. My dog does it also, but I know unless another dog hurt him he would not do anything. As long as you are secure in knowing your dog is not going to become aggressive (that does not include growling or even a little snap if it doesn't make contact with the dog) you will be fine. My dog has bad hip dysplasia and that is his way of saying "hey that's enough". He will sometimes even snap a little but never makes contact even though he could if he wanted to.

Doggieparkmom's picture
appropriate behavior?

When arriving at the park, my dog sniffs all the dogs and walks away. If a dog continues to sniff my dog, she growls and sometimes snaps. Is this just communication or should I be worried?

EDITOR COMMENT: Aggressive behavior is usually not tolerated at a dog park, no matter the size of the dog because it can start fights. This would be best to discuss with a local trainer and maybe have them help you with socializing the dog before going to the dog park.

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Dog Park Permit Application

To obtain a permit application for the Forest Preserve District of Will County's dog parks, including Messenger Marsh, please visit