East Side Sports Complex Dog Park

3565 Legacy Blvd.
Edward N. Regole Park
St Charles, IL
Operating Hours:
9am - dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
0.84 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area and a pond.

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BENNY1's picture
Great Park but beware

It is a great park and I love the water and so did my dog. Great people too!! The only and biggest issue I had was that the fence on the pond side is not long enough. When my dog was being chased he flew through the water and got out on the path and continued to run. I think they really need to extend the fence a few dogs ran after mine and got out also. I felt terrible. Now the problem with me going back is that my dog knows the set up and he would just continue to do this over and over again. If he was not already tired he would have took off for miles. Again great place for a dog who is more command trained and you can call him back, but if you have a runner like mine, not a good ideal just incase. After I get him done with the obdedience training and feel comfortable with him listening to my commands I would return. I really liked the water for him.

karimiller's picture

I agree that it can be difficult to find. We found the complex without difficulty but the sign said "Dog Park entrance off Commerce Drive". But unfortunately there was no signage telling us where that was. If I wouldn't have had GPS on my phone to find Commerce Drive, we would've been out of luck!

karimiller's picture
A gem!

I took my boxer pup to this park last weekend because he desperately needed to run off some energy. I was very impressed with the quality of the park, especially since it's free! The other dogs introduced him to the water and he actually enjoyed splashing around in the pond. We plan on making it a weekly trip. This place is truly a special gem!

Jenny C's picture
one of the best dog parks

Room to run and a pond to swim in. So many great dogs and well behaved owners. My lab loves to go here and gets excited every time we turn by dupage airport. Love it here.

Jenny C's picture
AWSOME dog park

I have taken my dog to this park many times, he just loves to play with all the well behaved dogs. I recommend this park to all my friends & dogs, the only problem is that it can be hard to find if u don't know ware to go. I've had to use my GPS and it get me lost. So, if it's at all possible make it easier to get to.

Jenny C's picture

There are 3 sections. One section is for small dogs only, second is for all dogs, and the third section is a swimming area. The park is not huge, but big enough for plenty of running. Nice park!

Jenny C's picture
Fairly small dog park with hardly any grass

My dog has sensitive paws and running around in mulch really irritates her paws. The only grassy part is the fairly small area next to the water.

Jenny C's picture
love it here

Took my puppy here today. It is perfect to let them swim. Wish I had something Luke this close to home.