Bella Vista, Arkansas to have a new Dog Park soon

My husband and I are moving with our 3 dogs to Bella Vista, Arkansas this coming Fall.  Recently I have discovered that a first ever dog park is to open soon in Bella Vista near the Loch Lomond Trail. Do any of you live in the area or near to it and can tell me if you know when or approximately when it is to open ?

Also do any of you have info on the Loch Lomond Trail if that is open to  leashed dogs use ?

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This dog park is opened as of March 2010.
K9 Corral - Bella Vista Dog Park.

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Loch Lomond and the Dog Park

The dog park is located off of Bella Vista Way and exit 93, very nice set up they have! All of the Trails are open to leased dogs and you will see many people walking their dogs around the area all the time (I live just inside the Highlands gates and with in walking distance to the Loch Lomond Lake)