Tell us how you got here

We are really interested on how people came to our site.

Did you find us through a search engine search? Or maybe you came from a dog blog somewhere? And while you are at it, let us know a bit about yourself.

Thanks Huckleberry - Dog-Park-USA editor.

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Google Search

I'm really gald I found this site. It was been very helpful, I just wish the site was more user friendly... I don't care much for the look and, I can't seem to work some of the features right. :( Love the site though. I printed out the flyers and posted them by the mail box at my Apt. complex.

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Tell us how you got here

I was looking for a Dog Park app for my I Phone and found this site and just love it for finding dog parks and dog beaches and is great while travailing It is the best dog park app out there nothing even comes close to this one,and now I am also hooked on the computer version.

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How I got here....

I was trying to find a local Dog Park here in Sacramento on GOOGLE and this was one of the first links/websites that directed me to what I needed to find. I'm so glad I found!

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Used the iphone app

We found your wonderful app on itunes. I love the location feature, that way you can locate parks right near you easy. By far one of the most useful apps I have downloaded. I recommend it to anyone that has an iphone or ipod touch. Your web site is amazing as well, can't wait to check out all of the great features and sites! Thanks!

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How I got here

I hired a trainer from BARK BUSTERS and I found this site when he gave me a link to a local dog park.

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I found your site

I was on facebook and one of my local dog parks has a page there which I became a member of. On that page, there was a link to your site here for the local park I go to and that's how I found your site.

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Finding Dog Park

I searched google for a Delaware Dog Park, and found one close to my home on Old Baltimore Pike in Newark.

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googling dog parks

I was searching for dog parks and your site came up on the search page. Since then I contributed some pics of the dog parks in my area. Great site. Keep up the good work.

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New to dog parks

I've never taken my dogs to a dog park. It would be really helpful if you could post some ideas on how to safely introduce your dog to one.
EDITOR COMMENT: Here are two articles we recommend: Tips on Having Fun at the Dog Park and Dog Park Etiquette.

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Doggy Dreams


I've been wanting a dog for a while but waiting since my partner is not as keen on the idea. In the mean time I do a LOT of research on being a dog owner.

I found this site via a link provided by this awesome blog:


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We have a poodle club on SP,& we talk about dog parks a lot. I had wondered if we had a dog park in this area (no) so I Googled "dog park, Birmingham,Al.

ANSWER: But you will have a dog park opening there very soon.

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Great Idea

I think we might be able to throw something like that together.

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Getting here

I love dog parks. I thought ...wouldn't it be cool if there was a national dog park web site? and here you are!!! Good on you!

I think it would be cool if you would post a ranking "top 100 dog parks in the U.S.". I'd like to plan road trips around it. I know it would be a lot of work, but how about a star rating system.

Great site! Thank you!


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How I got here

I entered "dog park & ratings" and found you. This site is now bookmarked for quick reference!

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How I found your site.

A friend and I were talking about the dog park in Kingman, AZ this morning, I have gone to the park in Lake Havasu City and it is great but not to the Kingman one yet. She made mention that the only problem with the one in Kingman is that it doesn't open until 11am. We live in the desert and by 11am it is already getting too hot for the dogs to be out playing like they like to do. I googled 'dog park, Kingman, AZ' and that's how I found your site.
I don't know if it is something you could maybe help us with or not but we could use the dog park in Kingman a lot more with earlier hours. I have also clicked on the 'Contact Us' link with this request. Thank you for whatever help you might be able to provide:)

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google it

I am a member of and in that site I join the group "dog parks usa". Not sure the group and this site are related but when I tried to google "dog park usa" thats where I found this site. Very informative and reviews are worth reading. More pictures will be great. Keep up the good work.

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Wandering the 'net'

I was perusing links on Best friends site and stumbled into your site.

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How I found your site

Like many others, I googled Dog Parks and found your very informative site. Thanks!!

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How I found it

Hi. I'm Melanie and I'm from Morgantown, West Virginia. I found you through Google. Looking for places to take my dogs.

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39 dog parks in 39 months

Found it through Google of course :)

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How I got here...

I did a web search using Google. I typed in dog parks USA and came upon this site.

I am with a group of volunteers trying to get a dog park in our community. We are called CVDOGS. Please check us out at

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Greg found me!

Greg contacted me and asked if I could post a link to this site from my Dog Parks page, and he'd return the favor. Mine only covers dog parks and hiking trails in Santa Clara county. I am a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, and my page also contains a lot of advice on how to use dog parks safely and effectively. My website has a lot of other training tips as well!


Stacy Braslau-Schneck, MA CPDT CAP2
Stacy's Wag'N'Train
San Jose, CA
You'll love your well-behaved dog!

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we located your page on a

we located your page on a search engine run for TOY DOG PARKS. Very informative site. I will put a link to it on my myspace group for toy dogs.

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How we found your site..........

Google Alerts! And so happy that I did!!! You guys are the best, you have taken on a big project, cause when word gets out about this site! WOW!!!!

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Tell us how you got here

I meet a lady who goes to a Dog Park in Rhode Island. When I looked up the park online I found you site.
Thanks, Mark