Find a Dog Park and help adopt a pet

Dog parks and Adopt a dog is donating 15% of their proceeds of their Dog Parks Finder to, North America's largest non-profit homeless pet adoption website, to support them in their mission of helping to find a happy home for every homeless pet., which displays 155,000 pets for adoption at over 9,200 animal shelters across North America, is sponsored by Purina and Bayer Animal Health.

Powered by, the new Dog Park Finder Plus iPhone App compiles photos and reviews to give you all the information you need for a quick trip to the dog park or for a vacation across the country with your pooch. The Dog Park Finder Plus app displays local dog parks and search results in both map and list pages. Park details include user ratings, fenced and un-fenced markers, on-leash rules, hours and days of operation and many other features. Check out the Dog Parks Finder. is committed to the promotion of happy and healthy canine friends by advancing the awareness of responsibly maintained public dog play areas. "With so many dog loving people out there who want to know about new dog parks and news about current parks, we thought we should let people know about all the pets in need at shelters, so we contacted," said Greg Holsclaw, member of the creative team who designed the app.

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This is amazing!! That is so

This is amazing!! That is so great of you!!!