DogGoes Staff Blogs


Farley is the biggest singer of the hounds.  He likes to sing every time the piano is played and gets the other dogs going, too.  Farley also starts howling at any sirens in a full hound howl.  The other younger dogs try and just don't quite get it but they are all hounds and trying to learn.  Dory also bays at cats in a really high pitch horrible ear piercing cry.

Scott' Valley Dog Park

The Scotts Valley Dog park is a very large dog park in a nice community.  This dog park is 100% tanbark; I was told it was donated by local tree trimming companies.  This works well since the area is known for large amounts of rain and the tanbark makes the park useable year round.  My dog has taken some time to get use to the tanbark and much prefers dirt and mud.  But I prefer less mud.

Mitchell' Cove Dog Beach

The Mitchell's Cove Dog Beach has some weird rules and hours but is the only off leash beach currently in miles!  It is nearly impossible to find as it is just a stairwell leading down to the beach and I am not even sure it has a sign stating it is Mitchells Cove.  It tends to have a lot of dead seaweed lying around.  Sometimes it is nice and other times it smells.  I think dog lovers should take some action to clean up this b


Gus-Gus Dress Up

Gus-Gus is ready for every occasion.  He is a docile dog and loves to dress up because he gets to be the center of attention.  Gus-Gus loves it when the camera comes out and just follows us around.  He knows that he gets all the love and dog biscuits when he dresses up.  He has a great ability to just lounge around in all kinds of hats.

Ryland Dog Park

This downtown San Jose park was hard to find.  It is off of N. First Street and buried under a freeway overpass in the middle of a high-rise apartment complex (we have actually seen this kind of setup before).  The city boasts that this is a dry place to play even in the rain.  I wonder how the gravel gets washed to keep the smell down without the rain?   It was a small neighborhood style dog park also not in the best part of the city but everyone needs to exercise their dog.  The mural made it quite pretty for such a small area.

Couch Potato Dory

So I left my dog in my brother's care for a few days and got this email while my dog was at his place... "I felt morally mandated to inform you that your dog has adapted somewhat since you saw her last. Apparently, the temptation to conform has overtaken her. Enclosed is visual evidence not only of her recent transformation, but the insidious and irreversible effects of my tutelage. I only hope that you can find solace in the information that she has actualized her potential regardless of opposable thumbs and increased her Fine Motor Skills of the Paw (FMS-P) tenfold.

Delmas Dog Park

The Delmas park is down town San Jose.  I stopped by here once, it was a long strip of dirt and trees with not a lot of parking and maybe not the safest place to be in the city if you don't know you way around.  I am sure the dogs love it and it gives the people of the neighborhood a place to exercise their dogs. Now that we have moved to Santa Cruz, we don't spend much time in San Jose dog parks, besides maybe Butcher Park and Fontana Park.

Dory Playing, Loves to Chew

Dory at play.  She likes to bring us shoes, chew on shoes, and bite at heels sometimes.  She is a terrier and likes to play tug and hang from her rope toys. In the second picture she is a full two feet off the ground (she is not jumping, but hanging by her teeth). She could spend an hour playing chase and tug and so we frequent the dog park to wear her out.  A happy dog is a sleepy dog.

Butcher Dog Park

Butcher dog park in west San Jose opened in 2007 and features a new type of Astroturf.  It is beautiful and new and looks like a golf course.  I had to make a double take to tell if it was real sod or not.  Unfortunately my dog does not like to walk on it as much as real grass.  This park is smaller and tends to be full, people bring their lawn chairs and camp out for the day.  The small dog area may have up to 30 dogs all running around in the lawn area.


Sometimes, we just have to be silly, and here is my effort at that. Cute shots of some noses: from left to right: Farley, Dory, and Gus-Gus.