DogGoes Staff Blogs

New Years Nose

This is such a Gus-Gus pose, all nose.  This is his New Year's Party pic.  He is just hanging out and being himself and always very interested in the camera.


The picture says it all. 

Gus-Gus in Socks

Gus-Gus is not just dressing up for the fun of it.  He has skin allergies and will not stop scratching himself.  The socks keep his claws from scratching his skin.  This also keeps his feet off of the lawn.  And I find it terribly cute.  We bought a bunch of baby socks and have to wash them all the time.

A Dory Day Out

A day at the beach with Gus-Gus; Dory decided to sit on the bench at lunch time instead of the ground.  I got one picture while she was on the bench of the ocean behind her. 

Noses II

Every now and then the dogs just want to pose for a good nose shot, assuming the flash is off.  They are all half hound and their noses are a big part of life.


We were out yesterday and I got a pic of Gus-gus licking his nose and then another today with Farley licking his nose.  Gus-gus is so cute.

Dory Lazing Around

The other night we came and found Dory upside down on the couch with a blanket just sleeping.  Every now and then we catch either Dory or Farley upside down on the couch. 

What dogs do on Spring Break

Spring break should be spent at the beach.  Dory and Gus-Gus had several days of fun in the sun.  Digging, sniffing, sun bathing, romping in the water, and then sacked out in the car. 

Farley thinks he is small

Farley still thinks he is little and a lap dog.  This just shows his issues.  Once again he is trying to fit in the small dogs bed rather unsuccessfully.  He may not be the brightest bulb but he sure is cute.

Puppy Eyes

They do this a lot, especially when they want food.  They know not to bark for food and begging is done with the eyes.  Basset hound mixes tend to have this puppy eye thing down.