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Dory and Rhupert help Greg

Dory is teaching Rhupert how to help Greg.  They help him eat.  They help him when he works at home.  Dory knows the word "homework"; and comes into the office and finds her spot.  And I think Rhupert is catching on quickly.  He fidgets more and plays on the rug with chew toys and balls still but is generally a good dog. 

Two new dog parks announced in Idaho

Idaho is getting two new dog parks.

The Nampa Dog Park is slated to open in summer 2009 if all goes as planned. They have a 6 acre piece of land set aside and locals are collecting donations to get the best dog park they can.

Couer d'Alene dog park and new animal shelter has been approved. Let us know if there is more information on when this dog park will be built and open. Sounds like the county really needs the new animal shelter as well.

Rhupert at Fontana Dog Park

This was one of Rhupert's first trips to the dog park.  The very first trip I did not take a camera because I wanted free hands just in case.  But he did great.  He ran around to about 30 people and met everyone in his ADHD style and greeted all the dogs and played some.  I took him in the small dog area and took Dory as well.  He did take a little kids toy truck and run off with it; I am not sure why a child had a toy truck at the dog park but Rhupert just dropped it after a minute and the kid was laughing at him anyway.  At Fontana there are less dogs and ton

Gus-Gus and Oliver

Best buddies.  They sniff, they tug, they chase, they do some tricks, they run around...

Oliver - the neighbor's Westie

These are some of Oliver's (Oli's) puppy pictures; one ear up and one ear down.  He comes over almost everyday to play with Gus-Gus, Dory, Farley, and now Rhupert.  He is a Westie terrier.  He goes to the dog park, the beach, and the regular park almost every day.  He owns three girls that love to walk him and they regularly stop by to take Gus-Gus along for the fun.  Sometimes there can be up to 5 dogs over visiting one yard and playing. 

Soccer Anyone???

Oli gets everyone to play soccer with him.  He has his own special ball that he chases and chews for hours.

Look out behind you

Rhupert is constantly coming up behind Dory and nipping at her, as all good pups do.  She is four and a bit more calm than he is but they still like to play.

Dory and Rhupert new Buddies

Dory and Rhupert are getting along quite well.  They love to play chase and wrestle and run around; usually an hour a night.  Rhupert is full of puppy energy.  We were told to get two dogs that were as different as possible for them to get along well.  Dory is a  four year old dominate female and it can be hard to find a match.  Rhupert is a young male and only knows fun.  They have only had one fight and it was over their dinners the first day.  Rhupert needs puppy chow to gain weight and Dory is too chubby for puppy chow but she tries to get into it

Rhupert gets a haircut

Rhupert came home and got a bath immediately.  The pound said they do not give dogs baths; and the car ride home was smelly.  He had not had a grooming recently and his fur was dull and shedding.  We are hoping that he will not shed once he gets on a better diet because he is at least half Schnauzer and they do not shed much.  He fur got softer after two baths;  the next day he got another bath as he still had too much stink. 

Rhupert the pound puppy

Rhupert came to live with us on Saturday 8/23/08.  We got him at the pound.  I was looking for another terrier mix that would not shed too much.  He is a schnauzer mix we believe and is somewhere between 8-16 months old.  He is still being potty trained and likes to chew on everything.  We think he is mostly full grown; as with Dory, he too is under weight at about 14 pounds.  He has been altered and been given all his shots and seen the vet for a clean bill of health.