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Kids and dogs

This is one of Rhupert, Dory, Gus-Gus, and Lily's best human friends.  They just love kids and are more than happy to give kisses and tail wags. 

New Dog Park City Pages

Finally, we have categorized all of our dog parks by cities as well as states and counties. Each state page, now has a list of cities where dog parks can be found making it easier for visitors to find great dog parks in their areas, such as Dog Parks in Denver.

Soon we will also be adding the 5 star rating to the map markers, making it even easier to find quality parks in your area.

Santa Dory

Still digging out photos from the Holidays. Dory had two Santa hats.  I think the larger one is much cuter.  She always likes getting her picture taken because she gets dog biscuits.  All the dogs like to sniff the camera as well.

Still going strong

A new Spring let's us celebrate all the dog parks that have been listed here at Over 1250 have been listed, making us the most comprehensive listing of dog parks on the Web.

Visit our article which details what areas have been covered, and where we still need help locating more dog parks in your area. And above all else, get outside and play with your pups.


Lily came to a couple of our dog parties this summer while she was in foster care.  She did find a permanent home with good owners and a little poodle buddy.  She was a very pretty soft dog and still visits the dog park regularly.

Yawn, Lick Nose, Stretch

This is Rhupert's morning yawn and stretch exercise. This is a photo blog, nothing more needs to be said.

Reindeer Dogs

A little late, but these pics from Christmas were too cute. Dory and Rhupert make for some very lazy reindeer.

Santa Rhupert 2008

A bit late, but this is Rhupert's first Christmas with us and probably his second Christmas in his whole life.  I tried to find the hat that fit him and he was happy to pose for a few pics.

Christmas Dogs

Just wanted a good photo for the Christmas letter and they are more than happy to sit for awhile after playing.  Sleepy dogs are always well behaved.

Yawning II

Dory and Gus-Gus take turns.