DogGoes Staff Blogs

Couch Potatoes

All of our dogs are currently hound mixes.  They have their lazy moments and we are constantly watching their weight.  The males are both half basset hound and some of the laziest dogs we have had. Tired dogs can be the funniest to photograph.

Gus-Gus Blue

As a pup Gus-gus got his first dying of a blue Mohawk (click the pictures to see larger versions).  Gus-gus went all blue several months later to look like Blue from blues clues (sorry can't find the picture).  This works well because he is half basset hound and half lahsa apso and has good floppy ears. He loves the attention and the head and back rubs he gets when colored. More pictures will follow for a colorful Gus-gus.

Dory Dress Up

Dory likes wearing sweaters in the winter; she gets cold easily and will gladly come and get a hot pink sweater.  She also does dress up without minding much at all. We think she looks like the dog from the Grinch that stole Christmas with the antlers on. Maybe she is just doing it for all the cookies she gets?

Best Buds

Gus-Gus and Dory are best buddies and are causing trouble when they are apart anymore.  Unfortunately, they do not live in the same home.  Dory misses her Gus-Gus and cries when left alone too often.  They play all the time when they are together even though they are very different.  Gus-Gus is lazier and Dory is a hyper terrier but they run laps around the pool and jump on the sofa while wrestling and biting and chewing on each other.

Dog parks

I have found it difficult in my metropolitan area to find the dog parks.  Some are run by the city, others by the state or county departments, so there is no one website.  To add to the frustration the parks are regularly closed for maintenance or re-sodding around here.  And on several occasions I showed up to the dog park to find it closed for its weekly mowing or flea spraying.  So I started a website to catalog the dog parks near me.  I found about 20 in Santa Clara county.  I mapped them all and recorded the days and times they were open so I could go to t