Thesis: Dog Parks: Benefits and Liabilities

This thesis is fora Masters of Environmental Studies Capstone
Projects, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania.  I

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I just love seeing the dogs

I just love seeing the dogs playing with each other. Very happy that there is some dogs park out there for the cute little puppies.

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Lafayette , La.leash-free dog pet park

we went yesterday for the first time..words cant articulate what a good thing this dogs are 12yrs. old, & yesterday they interfaced w/other dogs & other people...younger dogs were running, chasing , playing...the dogs are very social w/each other...if you're a dog owner who loves dogs, this experience is a blessing just waiting for you & ur's 10x better than imagined~ i'm 69years old; dog owner/lover/companion; i wish i'da known about this 25years ago...dont wait long like i did~
i cant hardly wait to go back there........