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Traveling with Your Dog


Traveling with Your Pet


Thesis: Dog Parks: Benefits and Liabilities

This thesis is fora Masters of Environmental Studies Capstone
Projects, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania.  I

Sparta NJ Dog Park Stalled

The location of the donations are in question. The parcel of land was approved some time ago.  Read the full article.

Flying with Pets Guide

So pets and owners fly comfortably

As pets have evolved more and more into full-fledged members of the family, owners have begun including their four-legged friends in travel plans. And that means flying.

Dog Park Metrics

Here are two lists of dog parks per capita and then off leash areas per capita; the difference being if they are fenced.  This is a list for the top 50 cities. 

Fenced Dog Parks per Capita 

WoofStock Canada

Toronto hosts Woofstock annually.  This is a time for about 1/4 million owners and dogs for a weekend in June to have doggy fun.  See the Woofstock website for more info.

Dog Park Fundraisers

Dog Park fundraisers:

Dog swim: at the end of the summer season just before the pools are drained for winter is a great time for a doggy swim.  Many dog parks use this opportunity to host a dog swim event to raise money for the dog park or local animal shelter.  Some of the doggy swim events set aside a separate time for small dogs.  Admission is usually about $10 from what we hear.  We hear that this is one of the best fundraisers. 

Poll Results for Best Dog Park 2005-2010

Every year Dog Fancy Magazine has people submit their favorite dog parks.  Here are the top ten from the past few years.


Photography in Public

The last few weeks, there have been conversatoins here at concerning the rights of photographers and to take pictures in public places, so we wanted to place down our thoughts concerning the right of privacy and the rights of photography and free speech.

20 Tips for Creating Successful Dog Parks In Your Community

TIPS FOR BUILDING SUCCESSFUL DOG PARKS IN YOUR COMMUNITY                                                                 rev. 4/2010

Dig Defence

Keeps Fence Down! Pets In! Predators Out! Saves Time, Money, and Pets Lives Quickly Creates A Dig Resistant Underground Jail No Maintenance! - No Shock! This article is intended to introduce you to a new product called DigDefence ®. This product can be useful to all your clients from dogs and cats to horses, almost every animal at one time will attempt to leave a fenced area. DigDefence ® allows protection for the animal without any harm afflicted during the attempted escape, making it one of the most humane solutions to this problem.

30 Dog Parks will Receive Special Treatment

The Room to Run- Dog Park Appreciation Project will be starting to work with local volunteers at 30 dog parks nationwide. They will be sponsoring improvements and clean ups at the dog parks. The Nutro Company is the business behind this project; they produce pet food and other pet products. See the full article.The Room to Run Dog Park Appreciation Project will be starting to work with local volunteers at 30 dog parks nationwide.

Video - Crabby Charlie playing with Dozer

Charlie discovers the video camera and is NOT HAPPY!

How to Start a Dog Park - (Quick Overview)

This is a quick overview on the process of starting a dog park.  I get questions about how one might get a dog park in there area on a weekly basis.

First, it takes a lot of work, time, and energy in most cases.  Typically, a dog park plan starts with a group of dog lovers that come together with the goal of getting a dog park.  You need others support for such a venture as there will be city meetings and fundraisers in most cases.

Safe Paw - Ice Melter

A snowy field for a dog to run around in can be such a blast. I have a husky who loves to run and run and run in the snow. So dog parks are great for us in the winter. I went to a dog park and was shocked to see that the park was using rock salt Ice Melter!!!