About Points and Badges

DogGoes is becoming the trust site to get dog loving reviews of dog friendly places. For good or for bad, we want to know the Go and No Go places for your dog lover's point of view.

Also, at DogGoes you can accumulate badges and points by taking place in a few activities scattered around the site.

A few badges that can gained by members:

Regional Top Dog  Discoverer!  First Reviewer


Points will be ...

  1. Used to determine who is Top Dog in a city or state!
  2. Used for giving out Badges and Titles
  3. Used to buy virtual (or maybe real) goods in a future marketplace (keyword here is future!)
  4. Used for other purposed we haven't even though of yet

And how can you get these points...

We don't want to tell you all the ways you can get points, but here are a few sure fire ways...

  1. Posting a Review  to a Business
  2. Posting a Photo to a Business
  3. Linking your Review on Twitter (must link your Twitter account)
  4. Sharing your Review on Facebook (must Connect with Facebook)
  5. Getting your Friends to Join

NOTE: As long as the site is in a limited Beta state, all points will be given out at twice the pace. That means double the points for you until our full public launch!